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Moving into the modern world – HDTV

I forgot to mention this – back in October, just before the World Series, I finally broke down and got an HDTV – which would eventually result in the shutdown of my little DirecTV TiVo network, but moving me in to the wonderful world of High Definition.

I had thus far stayed away from HD because 1) I didn’t see a need – I had a 32″ behemoth Toshiba CRT and a big entertainment center that wouldn’t take a big flat panel, and I had DirecTV – which to get HD I’d probably have to cut down another tree to get the line to the satellites. Plus, I had three hacked DirecTV TiVos which gave me all the features I wanted. Continue reading

My new old DirecTV TiVo Network – for now

Almost 4 years ago I became a DirecTV subscriber. It was SOOO much better and cheaper than my local cable company, which became part of Comcast shortly before I canceled. Plus they offered a real dual-tuner integrated TiVo unit long before anyone else considered such a thing. My, how things have changed…

This is a combo Rant and Geek Out article… Continue reading

150 channels…

I just got DirecTV installed yesterday. I can’t tell you how much better it is than the ancient cable system I had with crappy video and lacking channels I had 10 years ago. Now I have something like 150 channels. And what do I discover? I can watch Dances With Wolves 24 hours a day; I can relive all those lost afternoons in the mid-80s glued to MTV, thanks to VH1Classics; and my wife will probably set up a Season Pass on the new DirecTiVo for MacGyver.

ARGH!!! Now it’s my DSL provider…

Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!!!! Well, I still have a job, but I can’t rest for a second. DirecTV DSL (formerly Telocity) announced it will cease operations soon. They will probably transition me to Verizon, where I will lose my static IP and get horrible customer service. So I’ve been scrambling for an alternative, but with no other DSLAMs in the local CO, there’s not much choice. I may go with Earthlink DSL just to get the static IP (and still have to pay more). Ironically, I just purchased DirecTV satellite equipment last weekend.