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Random thoughts…

In the tradition of sister-site Red Sox Chickie, here is just a few random thoughts running through my head…

  • Now that “Bennifer” is over, can the speculation about A-Rod finally end? It’s over, folks!
  • I want the Patriots to play against the Buccaneers, just so we can run over Warren Sapp with the team bus with a sign on the back saying “Yeah, but who won the Super Bowl, Bubba?”
  • Wayne Brady wins Emmys for his talk show (2) and for Whose Line is it Anyway?. His talk show gets the shaft and Whose Line is on “hiatus” (with 20-something episodes in the can and no plans to air them). What the hell are these TV execs thinking? They actually think Tony Danza can do a better job? Next we’ll hear that Peter Jackson wins 20 Oscars next month, and is banned from Hollywood.
  • I hate NutraSweet-ened soda, so I’ve never really liked diet sodas since Diet Sprite switched from that “cancer-causing” (in lab rates given doses no human could consume in a lifetime) saccharin. That is, until Coca-Cola discovered that Diet Coke sucked and added flavors – first Lemon (passable), Vanilla (better than the non-diet), Cherry (haven’t found it yet), and now Lime, which I actually like better than Lemon. I can finally get rid of my 500-calorie-a-day habit now, so long as the CVS by my office keeps it in stock. Thank you, Coca-Cola.
  • When is this “global warming” actually supposed to make a difference? I’m freezing!! 🙂
  • Is it me, or does everyone use the line “The King is dead…long live the King!” wrong? I mean, does it make sense to wish a long life on someone who just died? I believe the phrase is meant to convey a wish of long life to the successor of the late monarch – perhaps a queen. In fact, it was used correctly by the herald at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. But anytime some era ends, someone blurts out the double King reference, and I feel like smacking them…