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Don’t blame the players…

I can’t begin to express how big a letdown last night was. I’m in such a funk right now, aided by a pretty bad sore throat and related symptoms. Could I feel much worse right now?

The main thing is – don’t blame the players. THEY got it done. Blame for this latest disappointment lies squarely on the shoulders of Grady Little, for letting Pedro come out in the eighth inning, and LEAVING him in when he came out to talk to him. Grady can add to his resume how he single-handedly destroyed Red Sox Nation when it had its greatest chance for success.

Would the Universe end?

It’s been a while since I posted here, mostly due to time constraints and system issues (I spent a month chasing a non-existent cooling problem in my gaming PC – bad sensor on the motherboard it turns out). So, let me talk briefly about why the Universe may end thanks to baseball… Continue reading