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The gloves are off the Sox – let the beatings commence

OK, now that the Cubs version of the Curse has kicked in, the Red Sox are now free to enter the World Series without fear of the universe ending. So, let me just announce to the world – “Let the beatings commence”…

I swear, the Sox played lousy at home for the simple reason that they didn’t want to bring about the end of the universe as I previously discussed. When the Cubs blew Game 6, the Sox must have thought “Hey, we can win our own game 6, and still have game 7 to save the world.” But, with the Cubs blowing game 7 as well, despite the fact that Kerry Wood, a most excellent pitcher, hit a two-run HR as well, well that means the Red Sox can win tonight without fear.

But man, do I feel sorry for that Cubs fan. I mean, he did what EVERY OTHER FAN would have done. A baseball comes within your grasp, you reach for it, period. He didn’t reach that far. 4 others reached for it as well, he just happened to touch it. He probably didn’t realize it was even playable – he was looking up, not where the railing was. But it was the catalyst of the Game 6 downfall, and now he will have to enter the witness protection program before some descendants of Al Capone’s gang named Mugsy and Bonecrusher catch up to him. Gov. Jeb Bush offered him something like a three month stay in his sunny state of Florida if he needed to get away – like we wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb among the elderly and Disney tourists.

Actually, we should invite him up here to Boston, since he has allowed us to win.

Tonight, Pedro vs. Roger, Round 2. Sounds like a new episode of Celebrity Deathmatch. Let’s just home cooler heads prevail over the heat of the last one, and some dumb schmo doesn’t screw up what should be the best game in a long time for everyone involved.