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Journey/Styx/REO Speedwagon on tour

Man, it’s been a while since I posted here. Plenty of stuff to rant about, not enough time.

We recently managed to go see Journey, Styx, and REO Speedwagon all together in one four and a half hour long concert. Given that two of these were my top-two favorites and the third was in my top ten, this was just simply amazing. So what if they aren’t quite the same people. Continue reading

150 channels…

I just got DirecTV installed yesterday. I can’t tell you how much better it is than the ancient cable system I had with crappy video and lacking channels I had 10 years ago. Now I have something like 150 channels. And what do I discover? I can watch Dances With Wolves 24 hours a day; I can relive all those lost afternoons in the mid-80s glued to MTV, thanks to VH1Classics; and my wife will probably set up a Season Pass on the new DirecTiVo for MacGyver.

The joys of fatherhood

I haven’t been posting a lot here, since this is just my rant space and other things generally occupy my attention, but I should have posted this back after Halloween. My daughter, who is two, can be amazing sometimes in what she says. When taking her out for her first real trick-or-treating on Halloween, she was a little scared early on because our street isn’t well lit in an area. She says, “Daddy, say Happy Halloween to me.” So I said, “Happy Halloween sweetie,” to which she replied “Thank You Daddy,” and she was fine the rest of the time and had a blast. Just one of those times where you can’t believe how much you can love someone.

It’s nice to get recognized…

A Web project that I’ve worked on for about year finally came to its conclusion. After having done the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia, I began re-reading Larry Niven’s Known Space series of stories and novels, and as I got confused about what characters did what, I though it would be a good idea to create an encyclopedia for it. Thus was born the Encyclopedia of Known Space. With over 1800 entries spanning 60 stories, I completed it last week, not including future stories. I announced it on SciFi Storm, but hadn’t got around to announcing it on the larryniven-l mailing list, which Larry himself reads. Someone else did, and I always had this fear that Larry would want me to take it down. Well, I got the following message in an e-mail: “Brian’s Known Space Encyclopedia is absolutely wonderful. I’ve moved it to my “Favorites” list. – Larry Niven”. Well, I guess I can keep it up. It’s nice to get recognition for hard work…


Welcome to Fleezle.Com. Eventually, this site is planned to have all sorts of stuff, and probably be the new home for things like InterPoll. In the meantime, it’s my rant-space… :^)

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