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What’s wrong with “Members Only”?

Finally remembered to post something here. Work and Sci-Fi Storm take a lot of time, and well as the fact that I’m now engrossed in EverCrack…er, I mean, EverQuest Online Adventures (the PS2 version). Now, so what if I wear a “Members Only” jacket?

I had a maroon Members Only jacket years ago, and it was light and comfortable. Nice for days like now in Spring and Fall, too warm for my leather jacket, too cold to not wear one. The best thing is it just doesn’t wrinkle. Day gets warm? I can ball it up, shove it my bag, pile books, a laptop, food, etc. and not pull it out for six months, and poof – good as new.

I lost that one about 4 years ago (had it pulled through the strap of my bag, and it fell out somewhere). I replaced it soon after – this time in black.

Sometime last fall, RedSoxChickie had to make a comment – never miss a chance to put down big brother – and said how it was making a comeback because it was “retro”. Retro? We’re not talking bellbottoms and afros here. Today, a colleague happened to catch it and made a comment – not bad, but kind of like “I heard you can get these again…”

Now, I do admit to this afternoon “altering” my jacket. I cut off that stupid collar strap – does it have an official name? All I know is that it is there to either choke yourself to death or keep your shirt collar dry from water dripping down from your head because you were foolish enough to not have an umbrella. It’s like something they wore on the early-70s Gerry Anderson Sci Fi show UFO. Oh, wait – now I think I know where the Retro came from – kinda “future retro”, like Tomorrowland at Disney World. I removed it because it kept pulling out of the loops and getting in the way.

Is it bad to have one of these? Should I rip off the “Members Only” tag on the pocket? Should I be ashamed as I make my morning trek in the cold spring air? What’s the deal?

Is there another one with the same great properties that doesn’t have the stigma attached?