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When will it end??

A week ago last Friday I found out that my daughter’s daycare was closing on Dec. 21st, going into a weekend where I wasn’t sure about my employer’s financial situation and about to work the weekend upgrading my former employer’s e-mail systems (I told them to upgrade them 4 years ago when I left – they still hadn’t and are paying the price). That turned into a complete disaster (had to back out all changes), resulting in a LOT of lost sleep (4 total hours over 48). This week was spent analyzing what went wrong and figuring out what to do about daycare. We found a nice one, a little more expensive, but they wanted a 4 week deposit up front. So, this past Friday I step into my boss’s office for a quick chat on how are things going. I was NOT expecting to find out that were were laying off 4 more people from my group, and several others around the company. Yeah, that made me feel better…

Anybody know of a job for a senior UNIX guy? Please???